Mission Statement

We set up Global Catastrophe Planning when it became clear that human beings are unable to act in the common good over time. People are able to recycle waste but they are not buying fewer cars, televisions and holidays.

Link to this a growing net population of 200,000 every day and it seems likely that there will be a catastrophe global event in the coming 2 or 3 decades. Population growth is inexorable resulting in pollution and resource depletion.

If we accept that there will be a catastrophic global event and that we are powerless to avoid it then our next step should be contingency planning. Any business would do this, starting by identifying the most likely scenarios.

We will invite the world’s smartest researchers to identify the most likely issues of a global catastrophe and to create suitable contingency plans. We will attract the best by involving the brightest minds on our panel and by making 5 million Euro available to fund the research.

One hope is that by actively discussing and communicating such catastrophic events we might change human behaviour sufficiently to divert our total extinction.

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