Global Catastrophe Planning

Will bring together a panel of experts and influencers to assess the funding applications and award funding to the best argued cases and most effective contingency plans.

The first panel member will be Dr David Thomas MBChB (Sheffield UK), DA, DRCOG who has an interest in the environment and psychological issues influencing human behaviour. He identifies the bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef as an early indicator of impending disaster.

Well known environmental presenters and scientists will be invited to join the panel in order that the panel has a broad cross section of knowledge and opinion.

An essential part of the program will be the gaining of publicity. Applications for funding will be televised, the competition will be intense and the resulting research will be followed through.

The intellectual property resulting from the funded research will be licensed by the company so that micro and macro projects can be initiated throughout the world.

Contingency planning is all about being prepared. If we learned today of a meteor strike to occur in 10 days we would all ask for more time to prepare. Our work is designed to focus and accelerate preparation for catastrophe.

Our aims  ➤➤