Preventative Examples

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  • Amy Winehouse. Deaths at 27 years in otherwise healthy women can be prevented by electric potential sensors and visual monitoring to allow rapid cardiac or toxicological treatment.
  • Princess Diana. Severe trauma can be rapidly assessed by CT and ultrasound FAST scan to allow accurate diagnosis of conditions such as pulmonary vein tears. Pre-hospital diagnosis allows preparation for immediate live saving surgery.
  • Dhirubhai Ambani suffered a stroke at 53 years resulting in decades of semi paralysis. Immediate scanning and thromolytics reduce both the morbidity of stroke and drugs complications.
  • Michael Jackson’s Propofol death easily avoided by monitoring.
  • Dieter Bock’s death by choking would have been saved by emergency cricothyroidotomy.
  • Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees died at 53 from intestinal volvulus.
  • Mariana Bridi da Costa’s death at 20 following quadruple limb amputation from septicemia. Acute septicemia is still missed in 50% of cases.
  • Adolf Merckle and And How committed suicide. Immediate telepsychiatry can prevent these avoidable deaths.
  • Whitney Elizabeth Houston, died in her bath. EPS monitoring with immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation, de-fibrillation, and advice on cooling may have saved her.
  • Nestor Kirchner, the former president of Argentina’s death from heart attack could be revolutionized with portable extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, Rhinochil and emergency angioplasty.