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  • Choking is an increasing cause of death in children. Controversies exist in management and the Heimlich maneuver. Only ECU can help in this catastrophe. Teach your family cricothyroidotomy.
  • Upper airway obstruction such as epiglottitis, croup, angioedema, Ludwig’s angina, foreign body and trauma are also covered.
  • Quinsy drainage.
  • Tension pneumothorax rapid ultrasound diagnosis, allowing emergency needle thoracocentesis.
  • Flail chests can be ventilated.
  • Open pneumothorax needs rapid resolution.
  • Massive hemothorax can be assessed with CT and ultrasound. Chest drains and thoracic surgical opinion via telemedicine. Consent for surgery and anesthetic assessment.
  • Status asthmaticus examination with electronic stethoscope, plus cover with helium and intubation. Early treatment of acute asthma.
  • Severe pneumonia with blood cultures, antibiotics and ventilatory support.
  • Smoke inhalation is the commonest cause of death in fire. Immediate burns unit advice.
  • Pleural effusions can be safely drained at home. Thoracentesis can be preformed safely with ultrasound out of hospital.
  • Ludwig’s angina examined with telemedicine and ultrasound, antibiotics given.