Other specialties and procedures

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    • Ophthalmic, immediate irrigation in burns and ophthalmologist consultation as warranted. Retinal detachment,  herpes zoster ophthalmicus, retinal artery occlusion, microbial keratitis, acute angle closure glaucoma, ruptured globe, orbital cellulitis and other ocular emergencies need rapid assessment to reduce blindness. Teleophthalmology.
    • Pediatric covers intraosseous rehydration. Telemedicine allows accuracy in treatment of complex diseases such as Kawasaki’s or sickle cell crisis. Pediatric assessment triangle.Parental consent.
    • Telepsychiatry to advise on attempted suicide and psychosis. Plus toxicology cover the tragic risks of self harm.
    • Intravenous antibiotics can be delivered anywhere with full anaphylaxis cover.
    • Decompression sickness (bends) can optimized with telemedicine to arrange recompression with hyperbaric specialists.
    • Pain relief is inadequate in 50% of emergency cases. Pre-planned analgesia when needed, i.e. renal colic, testicular torsion, pancreatitis, toothache, placental abruption, labor, ruptured ectopic. Patient controlled analgesia.
    • Nausea may require management
    • Foreign body visualization with ultrasound.
    • Abscess evaluation with ultrasound and possible needle guided drainage.
    • Dental dislocations, tooth avulsions and extrusion can be advised by telemedicine. In avulsion storage solutions if re-implantation is not immediately possible.
    • Neonatal resuscitation equipment and telemedicine if requested.
    • Needle phobia may require preparation.
    • Acute pancreatitis early fluids to minimize morbidity.
    • Co-operation with other emergency services if required, major incident assistance, biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear.
    • Poisoning can need toxicology advise.
    • Unconscious patient requires airway protection.
    • Giant Cell Arteritis where time to treatment may stop blindness.
    • ENT aural insects killed rapidly to stop damage, epistaxis control.