Obstetric and gynecological

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  • Ovarian torsion outcomes improved with ultrasound and consent for surgery.
  • Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst  will need rapid ultrasound, resuscitation and surgery if severe.
  • Ectopic pregnancy requires accurate early diagnosis with urinalysis, ßHCG and ultrasound to reduce transfusion risks and improve treatment options.
  • Threatened abortion and antepartum hemorrhage, ultrasound offers immediate assessment.
  • Septic abortion may require telemedine, ultrasound, oxygen, oxytocics and antibiotics.
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease if life threatening ultrasound or CT offer instant evaluation and telemedicine gives antibiotic advice. Consent for surgery and anesthetic assessment.
  • Toxic shock again ultrasound or CT offer rapid appraisal and telemedicine gives antibiotic advice. Consent for surgery and anesthetic assessment if advised.
  • Necrotizing Fasciitis is similar.
  • Pregnancy reassurance with biophysical profiles. Rapid diagnosis of disasters such as placental abruption improves outcome for both mother and baby. Eclampsia requires telemedicine.
  • Fetal distress aspiration prophylaxis, consent for emergency cesarian and anesthetic assessment.
  • Childbirth both pre term and home delivery becomes safer. Unplanned Childbirth Outside Hospital. Fetal shoulder dystocia possibly treatable with McRobert’s maneuver and telemedicine. In preterm labor steroids as soon as possible.
  • Placenta previa customers can discuss requirements.
  • Obstetric hemorrhage can necessitate resuscitation, telemedine, oxytocics ,aspiration prophylaxis, anesthetic assessment and consent.