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  • Septicemia challenges doctors globally. CT, ultrasound and telemedicine assist in immediate antibiotics after appropriate cultures. Waterhouse-Friderichsen syndrome consideration.
  • Anaphylaxis therapy is enhanced with telemedicine.
  • Diabetics have the added security of intravenous glucose if needed.
  • Near drowning requires an immediate response.
  • Hypothermia effective rewarming.
  • Toxicology issues include carbon monoxide poisoning, envenomation and drug overdose where telemedicine’s advice improves outcome.
  • Falciparum malaria immediate telemedicine consultation.
  • Regional issues such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, lyme disease and local antibiotic resistance can be considered.
  • Malignant hyperthermia can be treated with cooling suits.
  • Paracentesis can be preformed safely with ultrasound out of hospital.
  • Hypertensive emergency assessed and medical therapy commenced under telemedicine supervision.
  • Death rapid scanning will improve diagnostic information important for your family.