CT scan

In a medical emergency minutes can mean the difference between life and death. The in-vehicle CT scanner allows immediate and accurate diagnosis of life-threatening conditions.

What we do

ECU Vehicle

Lightweight vehicle allows quick response times, bringing a mobile hospital to your doorstep at lightning speed.

ECU varieties

Medical Specialists

Built in telemedicine facilities connect you with the right experts to remotely administer accurate and effective treatment.

Commercial benefits

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ECU – designed to effectively save lives.

Fast pre-hospital assessment and treatment improves outcomes and reduces in-patient risks of infection, surgery, blood transfusion, drugs, and error. ECU high technology ambulances are designed for medical and economical purposes. CT scanner and teleconference facilities as animated.

  • In stroke a 1 minute delay is equal to 2 million dead brain cells.
  • There is a 1% increase in death – every 4 minutes delay in heart attacks,
  • Severe infections have a 1% increase in mortality every 8 minutes procrastination.
  • The golden hour and platinum 10 minutes in trauma is critical to prevent death.
  • ECU’s medical preventative and commercial hospital, dental, veterinary, educational  and industrial uses are considerable.
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