ECU varieties

ECU modifications as requested.

1) Military: Emphasis on trauma management and treatment. Blood bank and other specialized hemostatic agents. Vehicle modifications for rough terrain. Repair and assessment of military equipment. Use as communication center. Camouflage.
2) Remote mining: Mining vehicle regulations need consideration. Industrial considerations for engineering use. Ecological and native animal assistance.
3) Remote communities: Out patient hospital equipment can be increased. Conference center possibilities for rural training and education. Solar power.
4) Executive: CT scanner and ultrasound may be individualized to accommodate personal stature. Veterinary requirements will be considered. Adaptation for super yacht or remote island location. Personal monitoring and specialised medical considerations such as post mortem CT scanning. Spiritual requirements.
5) Urban: Emphasis on speed and treatment of time dependent medical conditions.
6) Dictators: Increased security features.
7) Rural veterinary: Specialised equipment advice.
8) Inaccessible large ports like Açu: Marine industrial CT, ultrasound and X-ray consultants. Antivenomation considerations.
9) Luxury cruise: Immobility issues.
10) Ultimate ECU: Possible for customers at severe personal medical risks. Paramedical cardiac angioplasty training in mobile cath lab facilities. Cryopreservation services. Portable extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. Surgeons as appropriate.
11) Language modification as required.