Organization/specialist Condition Advice
All cardiac specialities Telemedical services Service optimization
General consultation Non emergency or pre-operative telemedical consultation
Post operative management Early hospital discharge with ECU cover may reduce infection rates and
be attractive to patients
Education Ability to use telemedicine to discuss cases with colleges
Cardiologist Acute myocardial infarction ECG accuracy, thrombolytics, GP IIb/IIIa inhibitor, other drugs or arterial
line placement
Right ventricular infarction Detection and special requirements
Acute chest pain Management of low risk patients with algorhythms, paramedical
examinations. Triple rule out scans
Asystolic cardiac arrest Ultrasound, portable ECMO, hypothermia and arterial line placement
Malignant cardiac dysrhythmias Management advice, drugs, cardioversion, external pacing
Decompensated cardiac failure Diagnosis with electronic stethoscope, ultrasound. Management, CPAP
 + drugs?
Other cardiac emergencies manageable by telemedical consultation
Preventative medicine Cardiomyopathy screening and sudden death prevention
Advanced atherosclerotic monitoring methods
Electro potential sensor monitoring
Interventional cardiologist Acute myocardial infarction Insert femoral or radial lines? Out of hospital stenting under supervision?
Pericardial effusion Management with ultrasound, aspiration under supervision
Pediatric cardiologist Rare disorders Kawasaki disease
Sudden death in the young Cardiomyopathy screening and sudden death prevention