Other specialists

Organization/specialist Condition Advice
All other specialities General consultation Non emergency or pre-operative telemedical consultation
Post operative management Early hospital discharge with ECU cover may reduce infection rates and be attractive to patients
Education Ability to use telemedicine to discuss cases with colleges
Telemedical specialists All medical, dental and veterinary fields Telemedical equipment and reliability
Communication issues
International legal concerns
Patient confidentiality
Medical services available globally or regionally
Medical bias
Dental and veterinary services
Educational benefits
Language optimization
ENT Quinsy Drainage with ultrasound under supervision
Epistasis Nasal packing or catheters
External and some middle ear conditions Videotoscope combined with telemedicine
Other ENT emergencies managed with telemedical advice
Obs and gyne Ovarian torsion Early diagnosis, ultrasound + CT
Ectopic pregnancy Early out of hospital diagnosis
Threatened abortion Reassuring ultrasound scan and telemedical advice at home
Antenatal care Home care with ultrasound and telemedicine
Severe infections Initial assessment, ultrasound, cultures and bacteriological opinion
-Toxic shock
-Severe pelvic inflammatory disease
-Septic abortion
-Necrotizing Fasciitis
Fetal distress, abruption Ultrasound diagnosis and preparation for obstetric intervention
Placenta previa Out of hospital options with ECU cover
Out of hospital childbirth McRobert’s maneuver  for shoulder dystocia
Obstetric hemorrhage Oxytocics and telemedical cover, surgical preparation
Post operative management Early hospital discharge with ECU cover may reduce infection rates and be attractive to patients
Other obstetric and gynecological emergencies managed with telemedical advice
Ophthalmologist Equipment advice Equipment such as fundus camera, tonometer and scanning laser ophthalmoscope
More specialised equipment such as optical coherence tomography
Burns Rinsing solutions, Morgan lens
Other ophthalmic emergencies Retinal detachment,  herpes zoster ophthalmicus, retinal artery occlusion, microbial keratitis, orbital cellulitis
acute angle closure glaucoma, ruptured globe and other emergencies
General consultation Non emergency assessment of conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts or glaucoma
Psychiatric All psychosis Covered by telepsychiatry?
Dental Dislocations, avulsions and extrusions Oral camera necessary?
Post operative management Post operative care at home with teledentistry
Dermatology Multiple dermatological conditions Assessment with dermatoscope
Paramedical punch biopsies and dermatopathology review?
Radiologist CT scanner Which type 64 vs. 256?
Cerebral CT scans CT issues such as noncontrast, perfusion scanning and angiography
Sub specialist reporting Neuroradiologist, pediatric radiologist etc. , remote reading
Other possibilities such as PET/CT or SPECT/CT
Radiographer X-ray Mobile units, remote reading
Sonographer Ultrasound Small medium or large machines, remote reading
Veterinary surgeon Benefits mostly for smaller animals
Alternative medicine Emergency medicine Telemedical services
Non emergency medicine Services both telemedical and physical