Medical specialists

Organization/specialist Condition Advice
All medical specialities General consultation Non emergency telemedical consultation
Post admission management Early hospital discharge with ECU cover may reduce
infection rates and be attractive to patient
Education Ability to use telemedicine to discuss cases with
Pulmonologist Deep venous thrombosis Immediate risk assessment. Prophylaxis in high
 risk patient
Pulmonary embolism Management and prophylaxis.
Other emergency conditions with telemedical advice
Internist/physician Pleural effusion Out of hospital thoracentesis and paracentesis
Hypertensive emergencies Appropriate rapid control
Giant cell arteritis Diagnosis by telemedicine? Immediate steroids
Other emergency medical conditions with
telemedical advice
Neurologist/pediatric neurologist Ischemic stroke CT issues such as noncontrast, perfusion scanning
and angiography, thrombolytics
Other stroke issues Blood pressure, sonothrombolysis
Hemorrhagic stroke Coagulation issues, assessment for neurosurgery?
Status epileptics Drug and anesthetic management
Severe migraine Early treatment better
Cluster headache
Trigeminal neuralgia
Other  neurological emergencies with telemedical
Interventional neuroradiologist Ischemic stroke Sonothrombolysis benefits? Insert femoral lines for
mechanical endovascular intervention.
Tropical disease expert Falciparum malaria Emergency treatment plan
Other emergency conditions with telemedical advice
Hematologist Coagulopathy in severe trauma Blood products as advised
Bleeding on anticoagulants Anticoagulant reversal
Other hematological matters and conditions
manageable by telemedical consultation
Bacteriologist Septicemia management Pre-hospital antibiotics once appropriate cultures
Ludwig’s angina
Severe pneumonia
Wound contamination
Gas gangrene
Obstructive pyelonephritis
Regional time related rarities Rocky mountain spotted fever, lyme disease
Other infections with telemedical advice
Gastroenterologist Upper GI hemorrhage Acute resuscitation and endoscopic or surgical
Paediatrician Pediatric or neonatal matters covered by ECUs
Telemedicine and equipment
Pathologist Rapid post mortem CT Advantages of CT vs. MRI or post mortem in death
Point of care pathology testing Equipment issues