Pre-hospital specialists

Organization/specialist Condition Advice
Faculty of Pre-hospital Care Over 50 time dependent emergencies All aspects of ECU pre-hospital care
Anesthetist Airway management and equipment Cricothyroidotomy, mini trach kits
Endotracheal tubes and laryngeal masks
Macintosh laryngoscopes and more specialized laryngoscopes
Oropharyngeal and nasopharyngeal airways
Ambu bags
Suction machine
Face masks
Positive pressure ventilation equipment
Pain Individualized pain relief, heating packs
Nausea Drugs, other therapy -acupuncture?
Pre anesthetic assessment Pre-anesthetic assessments manageable by telemedical consultation
Telemedical services Service optimization
Emergency physician Emergency Medicine Trauma management optimization
Tension pneumothorax Controversies in diagnosis
Massive hemothorax Improvement with telemedicine
Flail chest and open pneumothorax Would telemedical advise help?
Abdominal and pelvic injuries Management, compartment syndromes
Asthma Nebuliser, helium, early steroids, albutamol
Burns Burn center advice?
Hypothermic equipment Use in cardiac arrest, hyperpyrexia
Anaphylaxis Management optimization
Near drowning Some treatment controversies
Hypothermia Best rewarming protocol
Foreign bodies Assessment with ultrasound
Minor lacerations Repair under supervision
Advice on ECU design, equipment and drugs
Telemedical services Service optimization
Toxicology Overdose Telemedical support