• Testicular torsion can be repeatedly scanned with ultrasound, preventing testicle death. Consent for surgery and anesthetic assessment arranged in the ECU. Manual reduction under guidance.
  • Scrotal trauma can be scrutinized with ultrasound, to exclude torsion.
  • Fournier’s Gangrene can be assessed with telemedicine, swabs and cultures taken and immediate antibiotics given. Consent for surgery and anesthetic assessment.
  • Acute Urinary Retention immediate pre-planned analgesics as requested. Ultrasound evaluation and relief.
  • Paraphimosis analgesia and telemedicine advise may avoid surgery.
  • Priapism could be alleviated with telemedicine advice.
  • Renal colic pain relief as pre-planned protocol.
  • Acute pyelonephrosis and urinary obstruction. Rapid diagnosis using ultrasound will reduce morbidity and allows synchronized treatment.