ECU is currently recruiting. Please contact us if interested.

  • Ability to travel . Cultural understanding and multi-language skills a bonus. Capacity to learn new skills (i.e. skin biopsy) as appropriate. Communicational abilities with doctors via telemedicine important. Applicants should have an interest in teaching. For skills required see Paramedical skills.

  • Advice on ECU design, management, equipment, drugs and specialists. For more detailed requirements see Pre-hospital specialists.

  • Cardiac matters as listed in Cardiologists.

  • Pulmonologist, internist/physician, neurologist/pediatric neurologist, interventional neuroradiologist, hematologist, tropical disease expert, bacteriologist, gastroenterologist, pediatrician, pathologist. For summery see Medical specialists.

  • Urologist, neurosurgeon, abdominal surgeon, vascular surgeon, general surgeon, orthopedic surgeon. Matters concerning ECU in Surgical specialists.

  • Telemedical expert, otolaryngologist, obs and gyne, ophthalmologist, psychiatrist, dentist, dermatology, radiologist, radiographer, sonographer, veterinary surgeon, alternative medical practitioners as stipulated in Other specialists.

  • Engineers and bureaucratic support as described in Non medical.