• Wound contamination where early antibiotics improve outcome, discussion of debridement.
  • Dislocation managed with ultrasound, CT, telemedicine, hospital preparation and consent, or reduction under orthopedic supervision.
  • Amputation requires imaging, consent and hospital preparation for multiple surgical teams.
  • Gas gangrene can be diagnosed with telemedicine, CT and ultrasound. Consent to immediate surgery, anesthetic assessment and antibiotic.
  • Septic arthritis requires immediate diagnosis with CT and ultrasound, aspiration under telemedicine guidance, blood cultures then antibiotics. Could be managed as an out-patient.
  • Compartment syndrome needs consideration.
  • Arterial injury can be confirmed by Doppler ultrasound or CT and vascular surgeons informed. Surgical consent and anesthetic assessment.
  • Post operative care for all major specialists can be managed by an ECU. It can function as the world’s most portable intensive care unit. Post operative infection risks a priority.