Commercial benefits

ECU have five spheres of benefit.

A) As the most advanced emergency care service on Earth.

1) Ability to offer improved health and safety globally. Especially military, mining, remote area, executive, luxury cruise and political customers. Cover for major sporting events.

2) Publicity from successful outcomes. The death of Princess Diana for example.

3) New advancements in medical care, offer prestige;

i) The treatment of asystolic cardiac arrest – challenging death.

ii) Immediate stroke thrombolysis – reducing disabling stroke.

iii) Accurate CT diagnosis in severe trauma – focused surgery.

iiii) Sudden blindness – fundoscopy and ophthalmologist may save a customer’s sight.

4) Instantaneous multiple specialist opinions result in better patient treatment.

5) Cost and time savings from diagnosis at the patient’s location. Examples such as:

i) Acute urinary retention – ultrasound confirmation, telemedical advice, immediate

relief and elective specialist evaluation.

ii) Chest pain assessment with triple rule out CT scans in low risk cases.

iii) Immediate antibiotic use reduces sequelae in severe infections.

iiii) Out of hospital resolution of testicular torsion.

6) Preventative medical services cover people with hazardous life styles.  Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse , Whitney Houston and Eva Rausing.

7) Disaster assistance.

B) As a mobile field hospital.

1) Offering executive customers specialist out patient care at their chosen location. Such as antenatal care at the office and conference.

2) Global continuity of care, with telemedicine.

3) Bringing medical services to the patient:

i) Dermatoscopes allow mole checks on the beach.

ii) Scanning laser ophthalmoscopes permit diabetic retinopathy checks at McDonald’s.

iii) Cardiovascular ultrasound scans at the funeral.

iiii) Family planning at home.

4) Outsourcing of medical work, Indian cardiologists offer experienced advice.

5) Individualizing the patient’s spiritual, veterinary, dental and environmental requirements.

6) Cover for major racing, sporting, festival and ‘Red Bull’ events.

C) As an industrial workshop.

Industrial research into commercial benefits of CT, ultrasound and X-ray engineering and geology with teleconference facilities. CT can enhance security.

D) As a polyglot educational facility.

Video wall technology offers life like interactive communication in any language. This gives the potential of polyglot education any where, starting at birth. Warnings from the American Academy of Pediatrics on media must be evaluated. Fluency in 10-17 cultures is expected, prior to secondary studies.

E) Other

ECU’s real value is their relationship potential.