Non-emergency benefits

1) Expanding into a small field hospital.

Multiple  specialties can provide telemedical outpatients and this will be enhanced by ECU diagnostic and paramedical skills.

Preventative dermatology with teledermoscopically-aided dermatopathology allows assessment anywhere on Earth with telecommunication access.

Antenatal care with ultrasound, paramedical assessment and telemedicine can be offered at home.

Ophthalmic options would include diabetic retinopathy screening and glaucoma management.

Surgical follow up, with the same doctor, anywhere on the planet.

Fracture management etc.

Teaching from cardiopulmonary resuscitation to cricothyroidotomy.

2) Workshop and educational capabilities.

Diagnostics (CT scanner, ultrasound, X-ray, video wall, laboratory etc.) may be utilized independently for medical, dental, educational, veterinary and industrial use.

Non medical use as a mini conference room with teleconferance facilities, polyglot education facility or library.

3) Relationship enhancement

Ability to offer ECU to friends allows you to develop business relationships globally.