About Us

Immediate CT, ultrasound, X-ray and laboratory diagnostics, with instant access to second opinions, optimise situations such as stroke where one minute’s delay can be the difference between the next decade of continence or incontinence.

Alarmed by the continuing reports of avoidable deaths and morbidity from medical situations where time to treatment determines the outcome, an international team of experts developed the best in mobile emergency medical care.

Emergency Care Units (ECU) combine the latest medical equipment with telemedicine to minimize concerns about inaccessibility in remote locations or traffic congestion in cities.

ECU also function as small hospitals allowing advanced medical care globally, in remote mining, rural, disaster or military situations. Personalised care may be delivered to the patient allowing pre cancer mole checks on the beach or antenatal care at home.

Other commercial uses include,

  1. Veterinary, such as emergency feline ultrasound.
  2. Dental, treatment of tooth dislocation.
  3. Industrial, CT engineering is developing. The internal inspection of components is an example.
  4. Advanced security with CT imaging.
  5. Small conference and communication center.
  6. Large interactive screens allow advanced polyglot educational services. Fluency in 10-17 languages is expected. Any culture is possible and we offer advice on accents, diglossia and dialects etc.