ECU Equipment

Mobile CT

The only truly versatile CT in current clinical use is the 7 tonne Schlaganfalls-Rettungswagen (Mobile Stroke Unit) operated by the Universitätsklinikums des Saarlandes in Germany. This utilised a Phillips Tomoscan M and now a CereTom. A Berlin model is 12 tonnes, whereas Murberg’s is rumored to be 5 tonnes. Israel and Italy are in production.

Neurologic’s BodyTom is the best portable CT on Earth offering a battery powered 32 slice full body machine.

Cardiac assessment requires 64 slice CT scanner.

Currently the best CT scanner is Toshiba’s 320 Slice only SPECT/CT  or better PET/CT might be above this.

Mobile CTs produced by Toshiba, Siemens, GE, Philips and Hitachi are too bulky for rapid deployment. Neusoft may have potential.


There are many companies GE, Signostics, Hitachi, Siemens, Honda, Sonosite, Graydon Pierce, Signostics and Healthpower.

Ultrasound is highly dependent both on user skill and timing of screening.

An opinion from

American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine

The British Medical Ultrasound Society

European Federation for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology

World Interactive Network Focused On Critical Ultrasound

Vscan is a pocket size visualization tool.

Hyperion ultrasound system is designed specifically for the most hostile and demanding medical environments.


Portable X-ray for medical, dental or industrial use.


International Society for telemedicine and the American Telemedicine Association dominate telemedicine services.

Europe is second. European Health Telematics Association

Japan third. Japanese Association for Medical Informatics

India has a large doctor base with experience. Telemedicine Society of India

Norway has the best virtual hospital expertise.

Other equipment

Intubation kit (McCoy, Glidoscope, Airtraq) , cricothyroidotomy device, aspirators, pericardiocentesis, electronic stethoscope, thoracotomy, nasogastric , urinary catheters, intravenous giving sets, intraosseous sternal/humeral/tibial, intra-arterial lines, fluid injectors, ventilators, Hank’s storage solution, pressure bandages/chitosan hemostatic products, tourniquet, drugs, thermometers, O2 and CO2 monitors, ECG, BP, oximeter, defibrillators, blood cultures, monitors, vacuum mattress, scoop stretchers, splints, entonox, extrication device,  spinal immobilization, shears, sharps containers, femoral access device, healed blanket/bubble wrap, pelvic applicator, syringe driver, sterile eyewash, Morgan lens, burn dressings, cooling suits or RhinoChill, protective outfits, cleaning  gear, vomit bags, urine bottles, bed pan, pharmacy fridge or insulated transport container, ampoule wallets, immediate aid satchel, resuscitators, laryngeal masks, microwave , patient and fluid warmers and blankets, suction kit, mini trach kits, oxygen cylinders and bag, oxygen therapy masks, nebuliser, Ambu bags, abdominal compartment syndrome, electronic sphygmomanometer, video-otoscope, clock, dosimeters, personal protective equipment, burr hole, scanning laser  ophthalmoscope, iexaminer, nasal packing, non contact or optical coherence tomography, USCOM, needleless injectors, CARDIOHELP, lighting, scales, cardiopulmonary assist system, dental splints, CardioSleeve etc.

Preventative equipment

Fecal analysis, Urinalysis, pulse volume recording, arterial stiffness measurement, Pulse wave velocity, Aortic Pressures, Augmentation index, Cardio-ankle vascular index, Radial artery tonometry, Cardiac Monitoring, Ankle brachial pressure index, Nocturnal Stroke Detection, Brachial artery flow-mediated dilation. radon detector, GPS for your children, etc.

Non emergency equipment

Dermatoscope or flexiscope, suture sets, punch biopsy, veterinary, etc.

Industrial accessories as requested.